About Us

We are the University of California, San Diego's Premier SCUBA Diving Student Organization!

"SCUBA" stands for "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus," and consists of a set of equipment that allows you to breath underwater.

Already SCUBA certified? Looking for information on how to get certified? Maybe you just want to have fun with dive-minded people? Well great, come check us out! We hold periodic meetings, events, and dives. And for those who are in need, we can easily hook you up with dive buddies!

Membership is open to UCSD Undergradutates, Graduate Students, and Staff. We also welcome community members of all ages who have a passion for diving, and of course club alumni.

Check us out on our official UCSD Student Organization page.

Seadeucers Statement of Purpose:

This organization, a not-for-profit organization, maintains the expressed goals of organizing UCSD students, faculty, and staff who are interested in SCUBA diving into a coherent group which acts as a forum for discussions of SCUBA diving and important issues concerning the ocean environment, and introduces new people to SCUBA diving and the possibilities offered by the local ocean environment through educational programs and speakers.

Seadeucer Officers and Staff

Kyle Abbott
Emily Adamczyk
Secretary / Historian
Sarah D'Angelo
Vice President
Daniel Jenkins
Steven Rick

Charles Tu
Faculty Advisor
Graham Hufford
Community Dive Master